A Shop-in-a-Box. Now we'd call that a definite win!

14 July, 2018  

Some people say time is money. But that's only part of the story. More time means more freedom, more flexibility, and more chances for fun! It's what busy parents crave. According to one survey, over 45% of dads feel like they don't spend enough time with their kids. Moms aren't immune either. 23% report that they'd love to hang out more with their little ones. But if you're anything like the average parent, your days are packed - with lunch prep, soccer practice, playdates, and sleepovers.

That's our mission here at Chou La la. We want to give you back your time - time you would have spent driving to the mall or going online, looking for the right items, making sure they match, waiting for sales, doing returns, over and over again (they grow like weeds after all). We do it for you, shipping clothing boxes full of one-of-a-kind pieces that are comfy, stylish, and coordinating.

And because we're parents too, we know what's on your shortlist. Kids need comfortable clothes that they can play in. Stuff that won't give you a heart attack if there's a bit of dirt on them. Stuff that looks cool and stands out - but not too much! After all, they still want to fit in...and you'll hear it from them if they don't!

Our boxes are made up of items that pair well with each other, so we've made the shopping process even easier. But we've packed it with other goodies too, like a cute olive graphic tee, and 2 pairs of shorts that go with everything. You can customize your box with a couple extra items (you can do that!) or incorporate it into the wardrobe you already have. Either way, a few quick clicks will land you these versatile pieces, chosen to integrate nicely into your child's regular rotation. Not an animal lover? We have boxes for whatever your kid is into this week.

Each box is limited edition so you won't have to worry about your little guy or girl twinning with someone else at school. These seasonal boxes don't require a subscription and are delivered straight to your door, like having a personal shopper without the corresponding price tag. A shop-in-a-box, if you will. Now we'd call that a definite win!