Happy International Women's Day

08 March, 2019  

I was so very fortunate to be raised by a mother who encouraged us to be independent early on. She always taught me (and my sisters) that it was important to not only be strong and courageous but to be our own cheerleaders by believing in ourselves. I owe so much of my strong willed nature from her empowering me at a very young age.

As a mom of two, I discovered twice that this sense of independence actually starts much earlier than I expected. It starts as early as 2 years of age when both my son and daughter started to exert their will (aka tantrums) about what they wanted to wear each day before heading out to daycare.  Psychologist and Parenting Experts all agree that when kids reach toddlerhood, self dressing is an essential skill to develop because it allows them to reach emotional and psychological milestones. By allowing them to have more say in what they wear each day (even when they end up looking like a circus show as both my tots did each day) they grow bounds and leaps in their level of confidence and self belief. 

That's why I am so passionate about empowering little girls (and boys) to be just as bold, strong and vocal about who they are as they express themselves in every form of communication available to them. And  ultimately when their skills are so limited we can use fashion as a vehicle for them to express themselves. That's why this IWD I celebrate everyone who has believed in me and my BLAST™ Boxes and Method as a tool in teaching them wardrobe fundamentals while lessening one of the parenthood chores of shopping for them. For that, I thank you for supporting this mom owned business working with your help to empower our next generation to know that dressing yourself to express yourself is a form of communicating who you are without having to speak! 

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