Shopping for kids can be fun and easy!

06 June, 2018  

Why do you cringe when you realize your little one needs new pants? Hitting the mall with kids in tow, trying to find the right look and fit without losing a child in the's probably not your idea of a great time. But if you rush them, you'll end up with the wrong size or something they refuse to wear, which means you'll need to make another trip to the mall for returns. Sigh. When the average family spends over 3% of their household income on clothes every year, it's not a small expense. Make spending your hard-earned dollars fun, instead of painful.

For those who love to shop without the time to physically shop, the box subscription has been a godsend. These monthly deliveries combine the convenience of delivery with the savings of a bulk order. Not to mention they're an absolute treat to receive. From snack foods to jewelry, to tea bags, to makeup, these subscriptions are tailored to your preferences, budget, and often offer significant cost savings compared to buying the items individually. The box subscription model has even been used to deliver clothing staples to busy professionals, giving them the chance to try dresses, knits, separates, and accessories, all in the comfort of their own home.

Build your child's dream wardrobe

As your kids get older, their tastes change. Gone are the days where you could dress them in adorable sweater-vests and cute plaid dresses with zero complaints. Trying to cater to their whims while you're in a big box, 'frustrating' is probably an understatement. A children's clothing box subscription takes the struggle out of the mall dressing room and into the house...where, sure, it might still be a struggle, but at least it's on home turf! With versatile pieces that pair well with each other and work for different activities, a well-curated clothing box can save parents a ton of time, Whether it's a summer dress for tea time with grandma, funky swim gear, or loungewear for family movie night, the convenience (and style) factor of a clothing subscription is a no-brainer for busy parents everywhere.

Need more help with assembling the perfect wardrobe for your littles? We have it down to a science! From season appropriate essentials, customizable statement pieces, and fun accessories with a global flavour, dressing your kids has never been easier or more fun. Get started by choosing one of our starter boxes containing practical, stylish, kid-pleasing essentials.