The Benefits of Self-Dressing

04 April, 2019  

In the morning hustle, it’s easy to see why so many parents opt for dressing their kids to get them moving, but self-dressing is more than just a simple task of putting on and taking off clothes.

Fact: there are emotional benefits attached to finding the time and patience to teach them the art of self-dressing. Psychologists and Parenting Experts all agree that self-dressing is an important emotional milestone that kids reach to learn self-motivation and independence, including:

  • Fine motor skills when they learn to button, zip, buckle and snap themselves up
  • Gross motor skills when they learn how to balance and coordinate their arms and legs when putting clothes on and taking them off
  • Cognitive skills when they learn the sequence that clothes go on
  • Linguisticsas they learn the different types of clothes, colors and sizes
  • Time perception as they coordinate the right pieces for varying weather conditions
  • Confidence  as they learn to express themselves through their outfits

The effect on their self-esteem from the feeling of accomplishment lays the foundation for a positive mindset and being able to tackle other gross motor skills such as gripping objects for writing, drawing and cutting.