How I Simplified My 'Spring Cleaning' Each Year!

05 March, 2019  

I must admit I always get mixed feelings when birds start chirping and the snow starts melting. On the one hand, I can hardly get enough of all the warm rays that come down on us. On the other hand, I dread the big 'Spring Cleaning' that includes clearing of my kids wardrobes and replacing them with essentials for the season. What gets me moving each season to clear and refresh their wardrobes is the incredible amount of laundry that a family of four can create if you aren't mindful of what they have, what they need and how one piece can transition from one season to the other!

Once I developed the BLAST™ method and organized their wardrobes around these 5 categories, I found it not only an incredible tool to get them dressed by themselves but also a great system of sorting through the 'Spring Cleaning' exercise without too much of a heartache. Did you consider assigning a shelf or rack for one of the 5 categories?!



If not, then join my Spring Cleaning Challenge and rearrange their wardrobes according to these 5 categories: (1) B for Bottoms (2) L for Layering Pieces (3) A for Accessories (4) S for Socks and Shoes and (5) T for Tops. Assign a shelf or rack for one of the categories. I like to hang my 'B's' and 'T's as it makes coordinating outfits easier for them. I also like keeping my lower racks for the 'B's' and the upper racks for the 'T's' and 'L's'. Drawers are great for storing our 'S's for socks and 'A's', while shelves are wonderful to display all their 'S' for shoes. 

Snap a photo and tag us @choulalabox on Instagram with the hashtag #BLASTspringcleaning to showcase your work! You'll receive 20% OFF on Spring BLAST™ Boxes and Basics. 

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