Throwing a Smooch Party for VDAY!

14 February, 2019  

Truth be told, I am a sap BUT I never really understood the hype of Valentines Day! If anything, as a teen it felt like a ton of pressure and a reminder of whether I was or wasn't with someone. As an adult, it also felt forced for both myself and my 'better' half to put on huge displays of affection to prove our love for one another. So when I made my vows to my husband, I made it a customary tradition NOT to celebrate Valentines Day AT ALL. And of course like any great partner would do, he did exactly the OPPOSITE of what I asked and sent me a bouquet of flowers to my office which he knew I HATED!

Fast forward 10 years into our marriage, two kids (which I adore) and launching #choulalabox and I am seeing Valentines Day with a whole different set of lenses. One of the things that I love about being a mom is that warm feeling I get inside when I kiss and hug my two kids. I remember waiting impatiently when my first son was a baby for the day he'd say 'I love you mama' and melted when he did it with a big fat wet smooch on my face! That's why this Valentine's Day I am bringing back celebrations of love into my life by calling it 'National Kissing Day' and throwing a SMOOCH PARTY! So today exceptionally I will take one more kiss for each kiss my kids give me and give back two celebrating the day of love.

So join me and opt in to celebrate this National Kissing Day with your kids and partner who made this beautiful life happen.