Our Story

Because shopping for our kids should be fun! 

My story is one many moms can relate to. As a working parent, my life was filled with grocery lists and spreadsheets, car rides and crumbs. Shopping for clothes used to be fun, but at the rate my little ones were growing, it was more like a never-ending task. With season changes and special occasions, it seemed that they always needed something that wasn't in their already over-stuffed closets. So I'd dash to the mall on my lunch break or fight the crowds there on weekends, munchkins in tow.  Full of energy and easily distracted, the kids never lasted long, and I'd find myself just grabbing what I could off the rack.

The result? Lots of random pieces but never a complete wardrobe for each season.

Thinking there had to be a better way, I founded Chou La La, a simple and elegant solution for other busy parents in the same boat: a wardrobe in a box, delivered to the door!

Here at Chou La La, we're about the right mix of trendy and essential, fun and functional. We travel the globe to curate for fashionable pieces and modern basics inspired by the latest on trend fashion for kids to create a clothing collection for each season. Each wardrobe is made up of versatile items that can be mixed and matched into a variety of different outfits ... because when you choose well, it really is more! With so many combinations to choose from, your little ones will always look great, whether it's a brunch at Grandma’s, a birthday party, or a play date at the park. And the best part? Less shopping, less hassle, and less time (and money) wasted!

As parents, I believe we're all in this together! So our mission is simple, we want to bring back the fun of dressing your kids, by simplifying the whole process. Spend less time at the mall, and more time doing the things you love most with your family.