We believe kids can do it on their own

As busy parents, it's easy to see why so many of us opt for dressing our kids to get them moving, but self-dressing is more than just a simple task of putting on and off clothes. We've discovered that there are emotional benefits attached to finding the time and patience to teach them the art of self-dressing. At Choulala Box, we simplified fashion for kids with our easy and fun to remember BLASTTM acronym, so that kids can do it on their own. And kids don't need more clothes, they need quality, versatile pieces that they know how to mix and match. That's why we selectively curate pieces to carry trendsetting, kid-pleasing essentials they will love too.

Make them a match

Build your little one the perfect  BLASTTM Box to get them started for their wardrobe essentials for the season.

Make it their own

Browse our BLASTTM Basics and personalize your box from handpicked, on-trend pieces to create more outfit combos. No cookie-cutter outfits here.

Empower them

Use our BLASTTM teaching guide to let your little ones dress to express themselves with totally kid-pleasing combos.

Love it? Keep it!

If you love it, keep everything and start flaunting. In case you don't, we offer FREE SHIPPING & RETURNS for orders over $100*!

Make it a BLASTTM

Shop before you purchase; buy each BLASTTM Box to suit your needs, style AND budget. There are no obligations.


limited edition BLAST™ boxes

These are our curated boxes, showcasing the best in kids fashion this season!

  1. Quality kids clothing covering all 5 categories of a wardrobe
  2. Stylish brands that are also socially responsible
  3. BLASTTM Method teaching guide + coloring activity page



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